fine arts

Our Fine Arts program at St. Mary’s School is designed to foster creativity and artistic expression as essential components of a comprehensive education. Students have the opportunity to explore their talents and passions in drama, choir, and band.

  • Drama: Our drama program provides students with the chance to unleash their creativity on the stage. From acting to set design, students learn valuable skills in collaboration, communication, and self-expression. Through theatrical productions and performances, they not only entertain but also inspire audiences with their talent and dedication.
  • Choir: Music plays a central role in our Fine Arts program. Our choir offers students the chance to discover the joy of singing and harmonizing together. Through rehearsals and performances, students develop their vocal skills, musicality, and teamwork. Whether performing in school events or community gatherings, our choir members bring the gift of music to all who listen.
  • Band: Our band program provides students with the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and be part of a dynamic ensemble. From brass and woodwinds to percussion, students explore a wide range of instruments under the guidance of skilled instructors. Through rehearsals, concerts, and competitions, students develop their musical abilities while building camaraderie with their fellow bandmates.

At St. Mary’s, we are committed to nurturing the artistic talents of our students and providing them with opportunities to shine in the spotlight. Whether on stage or in the concert hall, our Fine Arts offerings empower students to express themselves creatively and make a lasting impact through their artistry. Join us as we celebrate the magic of the performing arts at St. Mary’s School.