Welcome to St. Mary’s Catholic School, where we believe in the power of giving back to our community. Our school thrives not only through the dedication of our staff and faculty but also through the generous support of volunteers like you.

Volunteering at St. Mary’s is an incredibly rewarding experience that allows individuals to make a meaningful impact on the lives of our students and the success of our school. Whether you’re a parent, alumni, or community member, there are countless opportunities for you to get involved and contribute to our mission of providing a quality Catholic education.

By volunteering your time and talents, you not only enrich the educational experience for our students but also help foster a sense of community and belonging within our school. Whether you’re assisting in the classroom, helping with school events, or participating in extracurricular activities, your efforts are truly appreciated and valued.

Please note that all volunteers at St. Mary’s School are required to make an account and complete the online Safe Environment Program prior to volunteering. This ensures the safety and well-being of our students and staff. Please click the link below to get started on this important process.

Thank you for considering volunteering at St. Mary’s Catholic Schools. 

A diverse group of children sitting in a classroom, eagerly raising their hands to participate in a discussion.