A Beacon of Catholic Education

Nestled within the historic confines of Waterford, St. Mary’s Catholic School emerges as a beacon of educational excellence for students from PreK to 8th grade across the Capital Region. Embraced by the rich heritage of New York State’s oldest continually incorporated village, St. Mary’s nurtures a diverse and dynamic community comprising students, educators, parents, and parishioners. United by a shared commitment, they passionately uphold the school’s mission, delivering unparalleled Catholic education experiences that inspire and empower future generations.

Forged By Faith

Our community’s identity is deeply rooted in shared religious convictions. Faith shapes our interactions, decisions, and aspirations. It inspires unity, compassion, and resilience among students, faculty, and staff. Together, we commit to nurturing holistic development within a supportive environment reflecting the teachings of our faith.

Cloaked In Tradition

Our community is steeped in heritage and legacy, guiding our path forward. Tradition fosters unity, respect, and continuity among students, faculty, and staff. Together, we honor our past while embracing innovation, creating a vibrant and enduring educational environment. Rooted in tradition, we strive for excellence and growth.

Empowered by Excellence

Our community thrives on high standards and continuous improvement. Excellence fuels our ambition, unity, and innovation among students, faculty, and staff. Together, we cultivate a dynamic and supportive environment, dedicated to achieving our fullest potential. Rooted in the pursuit of excellence, we inspire and uplift.

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Early Education (Pre-K)

Empowering Early Minds: Our early education program fosters a nurturing environment where young learners thrive. Through a blend of interactive curriculum and personalized attention, we lay the foundation for a lifetime of academic success and holistic development.

Elementary School (K-4)

Nurturing Young Scholars: Our elementary education program provides a dynamic and supportive learning environment where students flourish academically, socially, and emotionally. With a focus on personalized instruction and hands-on learning experiences, we ignite curiosity, and foster critical thinking.

Middle School (5-8)

Fostering Growth and Confidence: Our middle school program is designed to empower students during this crucial transitional period. With a blend of academic rigor and holistic support, we prepare students for the challenges and opportunities ahead.
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2024 l. scott cuomo golf tournament


Thank you to all those who registered to play in the 2024 L. Scott Cuomo Golf Tournament. We can’t wait to see you all on June 19th, 2024!