middle school

At St. Mary’s, we understand the importance of continuity in education, especially during the formative middle school years. While students at other schools may face the daunting transition to a completely new environment, our middle schoolers benefit from the continuity of continuing their educational journey among familiar faces who know and care about them deeply.

In our middle school program, we employ a departmentalized approach, allowing students to experience a variety of subjects taught by specialized teachers. Throughout the day, your middle school child will transition between different content areas, providing them with a diverse and enriching educational experience. This model not only prepares them academically but also empowers them to become leaders, mentors, and role models to younger students, fostering values of patience, tolerance, and acceptance.

Aligned with the latest educational standards, our curriculum covers six core subjects: Mathematics, ELA, Science, Social Studies, Religion, and Spanish. Additionally, students receive weekly instruction in STEM, Music, Art, and Physical Education. For 8th-grade students, there’s the opportunity to take advanced courses such as Living Environment (Biology) and Integrated Algebra. Successful completion of these Regents, along with proficiency in Spanish, positions your child to enter high school enrolled in 10th-grade courses, setting them on a path for academic success.

At St. Mary’s, we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience that prepares students not only for high school but for lifelong success. Join us in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.