Mrs. carrie devine


Phone: 518-237-0652

“Introducing Mrs. Carrie Devine – our esteemed Administrator at St. Mary’s School, Waterford, whose dedication to nurturing young minds is matched only by her unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant educational community.”

With over a decade of experience in educational leadership, Mrs. Devine’s journey to St. Mary’s is a testament to her passion for Catholic education and her deep-rooted belief in its transformative power. Prior to her current role, she served as a dynamic leader in various capacities within the education sector, including roles in curriculum development and school administration.

Mrs. Devine’s enthusiasm for Catholic values shines through in her approach to leadership. She believes wholeheartedly in the importance of instilling strong moral principles and spiritual growth alongside academic excellence, creating an environment where students not only thrive academically but also develop into compassionate and responsible individuals.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Mrs. Devine holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from a respected institution and has pursued additional training in educational administration to further hone her skills. Her commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that she stays at the forefront of best practices in education.

At St. Mary’s, Mrs. Devine plays a pivotal role in shaping the school’s vision and direction. Her collaborative approach fosters a sense of community among staff, students, and families, creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to succeed.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Mrs. Devine is a devoted wife and mother, balancing her role as an administrator with her commitment to her family. Her personal experiences as a parent further enrich her perspective, driving her passion for providing the best possible educational experience for every child entrusted to her care.

In Mrs. Devine, prospective families will find not only an experienced administrator but also a compassionate leader who is dedicated to ensuring that each student reaches their full potential. Join us at St. Mary’s School, where Mrs. Devine’s guidance and expertise help shape the future leaders of tomorrow.